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You Don’t Have to stay Horny when you can enjoy Cheap Phone Sex (and more) with the Chicks With Sass

My name is Karen.  I am one of the Chicks with Sass! Please allow me to welcome you to my site. Back in 1996, and fresh out of college, I took a part time job as a phone sex girl for a company operating out of Miami. It was supposed to be a temporary gig until something better came along. What I didn’t count on then was that I would really enjoy “talking dirty” over the phone with men I had never met and the fact that they would be willing to share with me their most intimate fantasies was unbelievable exciting and rewarding for me. As it turned out, I was really good at making men men come to the sound of my voice and soon, I became one of the most popular girls with clients wanting to talk to me time and again. I had just majored in business administration and I always had a dream to start my own company but in my wildest dreams, I had never expected to do exactly that so soon after college, and phone sex would have been the last thing on my mind.   Yet, this is exactly what happened and a year later, my then boyfriend and I launched what I think was one the first websites of its kind and it dealt with … Cheap Phone Sex. Our deals were so cheap in fact that back in 1997, you could buy a 15 minutes call for $9.99! How cheap was that!

From the very first day as a phone sex company owner, I wanted to be “affordable” so that my callers would find my services cheap enough to call me in order to “test the water” with me, and also good enough that they would come back for more later on.  My priority was to give them such a satisfactory experience that they would become repeat customers, and for the past 17 years and more, one the things I find the most rewarding in my business, is that my callers do indeed come back for more.  In fact, to this day I still get calls from some of my very first customers who phone me for sex. AFFORDABILITY and QUALITY: a powerful combination in any business, not least mine.

And as I have gone about the process of navigating through the challenging waters of the world of adult business, search engine flip flops (more on that later) and the nefarious propensities of some (would be) competitors who don’t give a darn about honesty (more on that later), I still strive to offer my callers truly inexpensive calls without needing to compromise on quality.

Of course, the price per minute was much lower then than it is today but at $1.99 per minute it is still low enough that most people can afford it. Think about it: in 1997, you could buy a gallon of gasoline for $1.30!!! Forward 17 years, and the price at the pump has gone up 3 fold.

I realize that at first glance, a cent short of two bucks does seem much more expensive than some of the deals out there but there is one thing I want you to remember:

There are no hidden charges, extra fees, or underhanded marketing plots behind our deal.  What we offer is simple. What you see is what you pay.  And what you get is truly Great Phone Sex that won’t dig a hole in your pocket AND will leave you breathless. In other words, truly affordable (I don’t much like the word cheap) phone sex that you will absolutely love.

But the proof is the pudding as they say… I could write a thousand words and they wouldn’t mean anything to you until you try for yourself.  So go on! Call any one the following two numbers:

  •   1-800-841-9842
  •   1-877-402-4824

ps. And if you must know what happened to my then boyfriend, suffice it to say that our relationship is now purely professional (we are business partners) and it is a partnership that has enabled me to focus on giving my callers what they want whilst he deals with the more mundane task of web mastering. My first site is still up by the way. ..

Remember me

Bookmark MeWith over 17 years in this industry, marketing cheap phone sex through my websites has taught me a thing or two about how search engines work:   they have become masters in the art of flip flopping.  However frustrating this can be for those of us who work hard at writing the best and most relevant content for our websites, I for one understand why the search engines (SE) are forced to make such sweeping changes in their there algorithms since there are others, less “ethical” “webmasters” who do not share our honesty and will do anything to circumvent the laws of etiquette. This is a challenge for some of us because from one day to the next, our websites (that we have worked so hard to maintain), all of a sudden disappear from the SE databases and are nowhere to be found.  Lately, Google has introduced a modification that penalized a website if it contains a keyword because they see it as an attempt to … cheat their algorithms.  I have a particular website with the words “cheap phone sex” as part of its URL and it is now nowhere to be seen. It doesn’t matter that this site has hundreds of unique articles, stories written over the course of 17 years, one day it was in the top 10 of Google and today, it’s gone.

Believe me, I understand why google has been forced to make such changes, but it is frustrating nevertheless because for nearly 20 years I have only ever worked above board in all my seo and marketing endeavors.  I turns out that content, for the search engine is less relevant today than it once was.

There is one thing you can do right now though to make sure that whatever new regulations Google and others introduce, you will never forget me!  BOOKMARK THIS SITE!

Do it now, pretty please.  It’s easy, takes a couple of seconds and that way, no matter what happens you will always have me in mind, whenever you want to talk to me!
So remember me lover.  If you REALLY want to enjoy a cheap and satisfying conversation and talk about anything you have in mind, call:

  •   1-800-841-9842
  •   1-877-402-4824

Go on…

Two different phone sex numbers. Same price: $1.99/min. Satisfaction guaranteed with both!
click-here-1-800-841-9842 click-here-1-877-402-4824


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