1) Transexual females are sexier than biological women

Let’s be frank, we are all attracted by beauty and sex-appeal, and when a girl adds that bit spice and sexiness to the beauty she was born with, it is easy to see why males so easy lose their mind. And trans ladies happen to be incredibly sexy. Isn’t it?

Is this not the very first reason that makes us males attracted to transexuals? Or should I spell it out for the rest of us.  Could it be that we crave those gorgeous and hard cocks these creatures of our dreams have? Whatever it is, transexual are indeed hotter and more feminine than many biological girls out there, because they have to put additional efforts in order to be attractive.

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They take extremely good care of their appearance and body, establishing an excellent taste for fashion and makeup, and remaining in direct competition with genetic ladies; they like to be seductive, giving them this aura of sex bomb, turning guys insane

2) Transsexuals ladies may give more genuine love

The huge part of transsexuals girls are longing for genuine love, and a lifetime partner more than hereditary female. Why? It is sad however real, for these ladies, it’s difficult to discover a brave and open-minded enough male happy to engage with a T-girl. This is in part due to the social preconceptions, discriminations and public opinion related to sexual preferences and gender identity, the fact that they can’t give kids… Whatever the reason, shemales know a good partner when they see one, one who will love them, stand by them, play and live with them, with no condition attached.

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For these factors, shemales tend to be more real when it pertains to love matters.

3) Transsexual Girls are Rare

Like the expression “that everything that is unusual is important”, transsexual women count for the 1% of world population, which makes them not only desirable but nearly unattainable for the rest of us. That’s why a lot of males are curious and fascinated by the females of the third gender.

And what is rare and special, is typically seen likewise cool. Have a look at the Glamour places and clubs in Europe, as in London, Paris, Madrid or Berlin where recently being LGBT is even considered stylish!

4) T-girls knows how to please their guy

Regarding intimacy, sexually intended, T-girls understands extremely well how to please a guy because they understand male anatomy as much as you do. For direct experience, I can state it: T-girls know how to please a man more than genetic ladies. Shemales are typically more unbiased and all set to check out the sensual part of your relationship.

5) Trans women have a high sexual hunger

As wildly known, one specific thing that separates men from women is men higher libido.  Of course this is a generalized rule and there are exceptions but as a whole, males are often more ready for casual sex than females. There is a simple reason for that:

Our testosterone presses hard on the brain, setting our high libido in a state that can sometimes makes guys predators. Trans women share a similar sex hunger as males do.

Obviously, it’s a subjective matter; everyone is different, but if your transsexual sweetheart is pre-op or non-op (indicates she still has her male genitalia) there are still some degree of testosterone even being on HRT (Transition with female hormonal agents). And is most likely she share a similar sexual hunger.

6) Transsexuals females are more readily available for intimacy

Unlike hereditary girls, transsexuals females do not have the duration (not even the post-op), and then they are more readily available for intimate moments.

7) Trans ladies can’t have an unforeseen pregnancy

Even though it is always recommendable to practice safe sex with occasional partners, in particular with LGBT people, a shemale encounter will not expose you the threats of an unplanned pregnancy. That’s perhaps sad when you wish to have a family, especially for transgender ladies. But we should also look at the silver linings of it. When you finally decide to have a child, it will be a matured decision by both in the couple pursuing the adoption process.

The fear of unforeseen pregnancies is no longer a problem.

8) T-Girls are enjoyable to be with

It is likely a young t-girl would rather have tea at noon with her pals, while young boys may rather playing hot wheels and soccer; your transexual girlfriend may show you numerous enthusiasm and pastimes more than a lot of hereditary ladies. Because of the early stage they have been raised as a kid, they normally like to playing video games, seeing football matches, and so on much like you do. Also going to party and consuming a lot, music, dancing, and some might have a remarkably womanly voice at singing as much as Celine Dion (power belts) or dancing abilities as Beyoncé.

9) Transexual Women Shares The Best Of Both Worlds

To sum it up, transsexuals women shares “the best of both worlds”, shemale ladies occur to be so womanly, beauty and hot, integrating qualities of the male and female side, which I discover it more enjoyable and makes me preferring them over hereditary females. Not for a case in the last few years, even media and papers have actually identified the transgenders as the so-called 3rd gender.