Dispelling the Myth about FREE PHONE SEX!


Cheap Phone SexYou’ve heard all the rumors about Free Phone Sex.  In fact you’re probably on this page because FREE sounds a whole lot better than having to pay for anything. And I don’t blame you.  In principle, free anything sounds just so…  sexy.  Problem is…  It doesn’t exist.  Now don’t get me wrong, happily married couples (or couples in relationships) WITH an active sexual drive AND a healthy imagination often use phone sex as a means to spice up their mood.  And yes! For them, Phone Chat is indeed… FREE. That’s one the perks of being in a relationship or course, provided of course that both partners want sex in equal measure… However… As most of you already know, that is not always the case.  (Stroke your cock if you know what I mean!)

So if FREE doesn’t exist, then what’s next? How about CHEAP PHONE SEX? Yes!  THAT WE CAN GIVE YOU! Mind you, there are lots of such offers online, and if you are lucky you might stumble upon a particular lady one day, who will make you feel like you were on top of the world.  But that’s the exception to the rule, particularly at some of the prices that are being branded about. (Like 29 Cents per minute!  Give me a break.) If you want to know how we compare as far as pricing is concerned, check this page.

When it comes to a Phone Chat Line,  just like anything else in life really, you get what you pay for.  So… If all you want is a bunch of oohs and ahhs whilst you “phone chat” lady files her nails, then yes, there are plenty of them around. But that’s not who we are.

Indeed, if you want to find yourself that gem of a lady eager and hungry for any type of kink you might throw her way, then stay on this page honey because that’s what you’ll find with the chicks with sass.

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The Cheapest Phone Sex Numbers?

Yes and No.  You see, I have a problem with the word “cheapest” because it generally leads to an interpretation that for some reason, based on past experiences you might have had with other services, the quality of what you’ll get goes hand in hand with the economical (cheap) nature of the service.  See why I think cheap, or cheapest is not what we all about?

When you call our phone chat line, here is what you get:

  • Economical?  YES
  • Low Cost? YES
  • Quality? YES
  • EXCELLENCE in service? Oh YES baby
  • Satisfying?  YES, YES, YES
  • Guaranteed or you money back?  YES

We don’t do cheap and compromise on quality! Nor do we pretend to give you free phone sex. What we do is give you the very best experience you’re likely to get or your call is on us. And we do it at a price you can afford. Cheaply!

Remember what I told you about your cock in the first paragraph?  Now let me help you with that stroke!  That’s why we’re here.  I guarantee you’ll like it.

Oh.  Before I forget:

  • We are so discreet that even your phone won’t know you’ve dialed a “free” phone chat line
  • We accept all Major Credit Cards.  Our payment procedure is Safe, Secure and Private.

USA & Canada callers, dial: 1-877-402-4824

phone sex girls