Two different phone sex  numbers. $1.99/min for one, $22 for 12 min for the other. Satisfaction guaranteed with both!

Flat Rate Phone Sex

People ask me all sorts of questions about what I do and the other day, a caller suggested I created a Q&A section in my site.  So here it is!  It’s a work in progress so please make sure to come back often if you are interested in learning what goes on behind all the orgasms we give you!

Q. You have two phone sex numbers on your site. What’s the difference between the two?
A. They are numbers provided to you in order to allow you to chose the deal that suits you best. When you call 1-800-841-9842, you reach an operator who then will direct your call to the first available woman, according to your preference. The price for this number works on a per minute basis and the cost per minute is $1.99.

The second number, 1-800-789-7804 Is designed for callers who prefer to pay a flat rate. The cost for this number is $22 for up to 12 minutes. This second number is $2 cheaper if you know that you will need at least 12 minutes to complete the deal.

Q. Are there hidden fees or connection charges I should know about?
A. Absolutely not. Whether you choose the first or the second number, there are no connection charges.

Q. What do I do if I want to save money and I need more than 12 minutes?
A. Choose the second number. Your first 12 minutes will cost $22 (as opposed to $24 for the same amount of time, and any additional minute beyond the first 12 will be priced at $1.99 per minute. 

Q. Why not provide just the one number?
A. For choice.  And to offer our customers a better deal for calls longer than 12 minutes. 

Q. What is the age of your average caller?
A. The vast majority of our callers are between the age of 30 and 45 years old. Of course we have younger and older callers, but they are a minority.

Q. Do women call your lines?
A. Very rarely.  Couples do call us and most of the time, the woman will just listen in.  There are many reasons why couples call us, not least for educational purpose. For example, a husband might want his wife to dominate him sexually. Getting his wife to listen in whilst one of us “puts him through his paces” can be the easiest way for her to “get to know her new role”!  Of course that applies to nearly all the fantasies.

Q. Do the men and women you hire work from home?
A. Absolutely. The first company I worked for had cubicles in which women would sit out their shift and answer calls. It was the most “un-sexy” experience you could imagine.  When I opened up my business, this is the first changes I made. In spite of all the challenges of managing people remotely, it was the best decision I ever made.

Q. Do you ever meet callers in person?
A. Absolutely not.

Q. Do you really have orgasms on the phone or are you all faking it?
A.This is possible the most common question I get. The answer is yes and no. Yes, because indeed some of you guys are so sexy that we get worked out as much as you do and have orgasms. No, because it is impossible to have an orgasm during every call.  There is a woman who works for us though and who climaxes throughout the day, sometimes without “provocation”.  It’s a medical condition and you would think every woman would want that, but I can assure you that she wished nature had been “less generous” with her.

Q. Your site says that you have shemales.  Is that really true?
A.Yes.  We currently have 7 transvestites on our books. Phone sex happens in the mind first and foremost and many of our callers want women to talk to them about their bisexual fantasies.

Q. Are the names of your operators their real name?
A. No. Every time we hire someone, we ask her to choose a “screen” name, and it is that name that we use when talking to her.  The only people who know the operators real names are myself and the payroll lady who cuts the checks.

Q. Are some of your Femdom really leading the “dominatrix” lifestyle?
A. If your question is whether they own dungeons in which their administer their very own brand of hard loving to paying customers, then the answer would be no. But most of our ladies who specialize in domination are indeed dominant in nature.

Flat Rate Phone Sex