I wasn’t planning on writing anything about transgender..ing (there, I have invented a new word!) but lately, the incessant news media cycle beat me to it in the form of a brand new story which found its way smack in front of the attention of the public by way of little Ryan’s, age 5, (yes, that FIVE!). You’ve probably already heard about the story of Ryan, a child born a girl who after much pondering decided, with the blessing of his/her parents to renounce her female identity and embrace his inner male. Much has been written about Ryan who introduced himself in front of the world as a transgender, so I am not going to say anything more, but the reason I mention this story is because I had heard all about “transitioning” from one gender to another before, right here, in my own office.

I was born a girl… Biologically I am all girl. I am built that way and not only that, I even look like a girl. Yet I very much feel like a boy.

This is one of the very first thing I heard during an initial interview with one of the ladies who now works for me, a few years ago. The quote in itself wasn’t surprising, after all, phone sex is all about fantasies and role play and other than hearing the familiar sounds of cha-ching ringing loudly in my head (Strap-on, female domination and shemale fantasies are extremely popular in phone sex) and so I thought “that’s nice” and as I was getting myself ready to move on the next phase of our interview, this young lady, realizing what I felt qualified her statement thusly:

What I mean is that I wish I was born with a penis. Don’t get me wrong, I accept what I have, but I really would love to be a man.

It was a surprising statement coming from someone so feminine because rather than talking about fantasies and role play, she was actually talking about something that was at the core of who she was. It wasn’t as she didn’t accept who she was, as I said, she was dressed in a way that highlighted her femininity, but she didn’t feel complete.

She and I have become friends over the years and she has proven to be a real favorite amongst many of my callers.  In fact, she even “outscore” a real life tranny (shemale) who also works for me!

Sexuality is a complex issue, rooted in endless wonders, with as many unanswered questions as there are layers. My opinion of why she is so successful with our callers (who want to explore their bi-sexuality) is that in spite of her wish to have a penis, she remains very much a woman, and this is the most powerful suggestion of all.