Procrastination. Raise your hand if you don’t know what that is! If you are like me, then you are familiar with the constant urge of the “inquisitive mind” to wonder about everything and anything, frivolous or otherwise, particularly at times when we should really only be focusing on a particular subject. Like work for example.

Take accounting. I don’t like accounting. I find it boring (which exactly why I love my accountant so much), but even she cannot do everything by herself and therefore she relies on me to provide her with the relevant information she needs to make Uncle Sam happy. So every so often, I have to close the doors to my office, pretend that I love putting receipts and whatever financial tidbits together, and get myself ready for her bi-monthly visit.

And I manage to do it.  Not always exactly how my accountant would like me to do it, but by in large, I give her the information she needs and when she rewards me with a smile, as if “job well done, Karen”, I feel like a purring cat.  I did it! I went through the tedious task of doing something I don’t particularly like and survived it.  Not only that, I did it well enough that my accountant is happy with me.  Procrastination? Me? Nahhh…

One of the things I do love though is looking at the number of calls that come in each and everyday so as to get a handle on how the day’s going. That, I love! It gives me an opportunity to find did the most calls, the topic of conversation and all that good stuff. I then plug all this information into a chart, (you’ve got to love excel), from which, at a glance, I can visualize everything that has taken place at any given day.

Now, as the owner of a phone sex business, I don’t have a whole lot of time to indulge in the delicious pleasures of sharing phone fantasies with my clients anymore. Unfortunately! That is not to say that I “go without” all together, but I do it less often than I would like. And when I do allow myself a little fun, I like to choose the caller according to the type of fantasy he usually likes. In other words, if it’s a subject that turns me on!

As such, I had always thought that I was being selective in determining whom I would choose to “talk dirty” with. I liked to think that due to my dominant nature I was the one making the decision to have fun. Was I really though?

The other day I was looking at one of the charts I talked about above and the most extraordinary thing happened to me: I realized that nearly every time I took a phone sex call, it was… wait for it… during accounting times.

How about that. Rather than to be the Mistress of my own impulses, it seemed that my choosing to have phone sex with a client didn’t necessarily come from me per se, but rather by necessity. A “subconscious” attempt to break away from a task I didn’t particularly like, and deal with …. yes…. procrastination.

We all know that taking regular breaks helps with breaking away from the predisposition of our mind to procrastinate. In fact various studies have been conducted. For example a group of people are divided into two separate groups. They are both given the most tedious job to do. After a few hours,

  1. Group number one is given a break where people can sleep, play with puppies (yes, there were real puppies) and then go back to work where they have the choice to either continue working or finish the task later.
  2. Group number two isn’t given a break, but has the same choice to continue working or get the job done later.

The majority of people in group 1 stayed, whilst nearly all  in group 2 didn’t.  Talk about a cure for procrastination.

In my subconscious mind, I gave myself a break, phone sex, and when I was done, was able to get back to work and get the accounting job done.

An orgasm as a cure for your procrastination woes…  You should try it! 🙂